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Who the Heck Am I?

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

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First I have a few questions for you:

How do you feel about your business right now?

What do you think clients and customers, your competition and your own employees are saying about your company?

Does your gut tell you that your company can do a lot better and that you’re not maximizing your true potential?

What are your top key objectives, are they written down and does everyone in the organization know them and spend their time making them a reality?

How do you feel you’re performing as a leader?

Do you have the tools to improve performance and profits?

Do you even know where to begin?

I do.

My name is Bob Prosen and I’m on a mission to make you a better leader and show you how to drive success for your small business.

No more Reacting instead of Acting, wondering how to get your employees to perform, or finding the same problems cropping up over and over, time after time.

There’s a reason the folks at MSNBC and FOX News regularly invite me to be an expert commentator for them, why I’m a Corporate Management Consultant for USA TODAY, and why I write a monthly column titled “The Innovators” for Jim Cramer’s

It’s because my business leadership and management training programs have dramatically increased performance and profitability and changed the culture at Sabre, Hitachi, Sprint, AT&T and HUNDREDS of small businesses across the nation.

Now I want to help your small business thrive and do the same.

You won’t believe how simple it is to recognize your Potential and turn it into Real Results.

My passion and mission is to share with you my proven and innovative systems of leadership, management and profitability solutions using my Five Attributes of Highly Profitable Companies.

I want to give you immediately actionable ways to inspire your employees, have your clientele singing your praises, and leave your competition shaking their heads wondering how you did it.

All of this while I teach you how to avoid the insidious downward spiral into failure that plagues most small businesses, and might even be happening to yours right now without your even realizing it!

Bob Prosen

That’s what this blog is all about.

Through these pages, I’ll be sharing a wealth of knowledge and information that you can start using immediately.

These are topics that are so universal and germane to all small businesses, including yours, that I wrote an entire bestselling book, Kiss Theory GoodBye, about the importance of being a determined and actionable leader.

The kind of leader you NEED to be if you are to become a successful business owner.

Your business and leadership transformation begins as soon as I can start sharing my expertise with you.

The rest is up to you.

My ultimate goal is to teach you to achieve the Extraordinary.

If you’re ready to go there, then I will show you the way.

Let’s get started!