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“It’s refreshing to attend a training program where you actually leave with practical tools for day-to-day success. In a world where business often relies on technology or the latest fad, Bob Prosen delivers a common-sense approach that get results in any business. The tools and workbook will become a permanent fixture on your desk. The more you use them, the more effecient you’ll become.”

John T. Shaddox
Vitro Manufacturing, Inc.

“Bob’s sharply illustrated tools and techniques will help our international architectural practice be better managed and more profitable. What our management team has learned will continue to return many times our investment.”

Ralph Hawkins
Chief Executive Officer

“There is no other comprehensive business education of this kind available anywhere.”

DMG Market Research

“My mind is still reverberating from the vast amount of information that was consumed at your presentation. Thanks for you in taking the time to speak with us “little guy” CEOs. Yours has certainly been one of the most memorable topics I have encountered in quite some time. Your passion for helping us improve our bottom line is nothing short of astounding. What I like best is your attitude and charged enthusiasm that is so rare in the world of “know the numbers, live the numbers” professionals. You never lost an ounce of attention from any one in the room. Well done!”

Irwin Glenn, Founder & CEO, Learn To Earn, LLC

“Thank you for the two days you spent with us this week. I left the meeting with about 12 pages of notes, and many follow up ideas and thoughts about how we can execute significantly better. It’s been a long time since I attended a session that I walked away from as energized and with as much new useful information as I got out of our sessions this week.”

David St. Charles, Vice President, CROSSMARK®

“Over the course of the last 33 years I must have heard well over 250 presenters on every imaginable subject and your presentation today was the best one I have heard. I lamented to some extent that you didn’t influence me early in my career because I really think it would have made a big difference in the quality of my management. So many presenters offer logical theory and good ideas but very none have ever left me with so much practical take home on such a broad subject as running your business better as you did today. Keep it simple and get to the core. You did that.”

Charles Wachs, Executive Vice President, E.H. Wachs Company

“I have been attending seminars, training sessions, and motivational events since 1970. I have attended each one with the same level of expectation, which is “if I can come away with 1 item that I can install immediately into my work, it was a successful event and prudent use of my time”. I must share with you that yesterday’s Jump Start Program was filled with opportunity after opportunity and I would rate it as high if not higher than any event I have ever experienced. Thank you so much for your help, your insights, and your suggestions. I cannot wait to reap the rewards of installing systems from your presentation.”

Dave Sulkin
Director of Business Development, American Asphalt Company

“Your seminar was especially beneficial in fostering ideas to increase the productivity and accountability of our marketing team. We expect to exceed our budgeted revenue and EBITDA as a result.”

Mark Glicer
Environmental Health & Safety Manager
METCO Environmental, Inc.

“You posses a very unique combination of aptitudes that are rarely seen together. Your workshop gave me a clear path to achieve my goals as well as my clients. I really had no expectation coming into the workshop, but I left with ideas and tools I could start using immediately – and I have! The clarity that you brought in a days time was incredible, and I wanted to thank you for the tremendous work that you do.”

Chris Odell, Founding Partner, SSG, Ltd.

“Bob, I’m sure you will be happy to learn that Vitro Packaging had a record year in sales and profits. Proof that you make a difference.”

Alfonso Gomez Palacio Gastelum
Divisional President, Vitro

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*Video:leadership and training

“Wow! What a way to kick off our annual Management Summit Symposium. Our accounting clients raved about your passion, clarity and powerful content. Not sure how we will top this. Can you come back next year?”

Jeff Pawlow
The Growth Partnership

“NSCA has had the pleasure of Bob’s presence at our last two annual conferences. Our group could listen to Bob day in and day out…the insights he shares, along with his ability to relate them to a specific group and their business are invaluable. I would recommend Bob to any group interested in elevating their organization/business….he is an expert in leadership and management, and more than that, he is an educator on these topics, and offers not just the “what”, but the “how” to all those that desire to learn.”

Norah Hammond, Senior Director of Professional Development, NSCA

Your presentation “How to Connect with your Team & Win During Tough Economic Times” was perfect for our Texas Credit Union League’s 2010 Annual Meeting. Bob’s “no-nonsense” approach captivated each and every audience member as he asked them to consider their team, themselves and their potential. The economy may be tough but Prosen’s insights made us all tougher, empowering us to rise above any challenge that may befall our team or institution. Thank you for the “tough love” and direction. Our members gained valuable lessons learned from your presentation and we will eagerly look forward to working with you again!

Tonya Farmer, Vice President of Training & Events, The Credit Union

“Thank you for an outstanding seminar at the annual PSA Security Network conference. I have attended hundreds of business improvement sessions over the years and your “Kiss Theory Good Bye” program is without a doubt the best! Most importantly, our members were very pleased. We got a great ROI and look forward to having you back next year!”

Bill Bozeman CPP, CHS, President & CEO, PSA

“Your presentation went extremely well. Mr. Pritzker was impressed with both the content and your presentation style. Your discussions on dealing with employee performance issues were highly relevant and gave everyone a lot to ponder. In short, most of us have or have had performance issues to address but typically wait too long due to both procrastination and/or a need to be overly fair. Your examples were very helpful.”

Walt Humann, CEO. OsteoMed

“Your tailored presentation was one of the high points of our Executive Conference. The message was right on the money and resonated with our leadership team. The momentum and energy you created surpassed my expectations and will help us take the game to the next level”.

Kannan Ramasamy, President and CEO, Aegis Communications Group

“Business leaders in our Entrepreneurial Masters Program raved about your presentation. Extremely practical, immensely applicable and jam packed with real tools and tactics that can be put to use immediately to boost performance and profit. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Maria del Mar Velasco, Vice President, Learning, Entrepreneurs’ Organization

“Bob is always in front of the action – out driving the future of business. He’s a good, clear communicator, execution-oriented and builds the dialog around what needs to be done.”

Mark Hurd Chairman, CEO & President HP

“Thank you for speaking to our group in Houston! I must say, you blew our doors off! The information you shared was direct, easy to understand, and really opened the eyes of our executives to the common sense ideas we should be implementing immediately. You are on the top of my list for business advice and for training! I look forward to your seminar in June!”

Eric Donaldson President Texas Courier & Logistics Association

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*Video:leadership and training

“Two things astound me about Bob Prosen. One is his ability to drill down to the root cause of a problem so quickly, then get everyone to focus and take immediate action. The other is his ability to lead people through corrective action. Not only does he win their buy-in, he also motivates them to take personal responsibility for achieving a turnaround”

Leon McCaskill

“Bob Prosen uncovered performance flaws that I was looking at all the time and could never see. Because he has run large companies and lots of them, he wastes no time in targeting challenges and the precise strategies for resolving them.”

Michael Rasa
Rasa Floors

“Bob, I want you to know that we made the right decision to hire The Prosen Center. You provided us with proven tools we put to use immediately to increase performance and profitability. The result – Vitro Packaging had a record year in sales and profit!”

Carlos Gutierrez, Director of Logistics, Vitro Envases

“Outstanding day filled with tremendously functional guidance and clearly communicated via your presentation style. I look forward to completing the series but most important is implementing many of the tools you have shown us.”

Tony Ricker, Retail Division Manager , CROSSMARK

“This is where the rubber meets the road. Very practical.”

Michael Reese, Vice President, ARAMARK

“Bob Prosen uncovered performance flaws that I was looking at all the time and could never see. Because he has run large companies and lots of them, he wastes no time in targeting challenges and the precise strategies for resolving them.”

Michael Rasa
Rasa Floors

“What you offer is extremely helpful, both in ideas and tangible activities. I definitely feel the day lit a fire under me to get proactive in regard to my role in the Tornado organization. I am also quite hopeful that the information will help our entire organization to get on the same page and grow to be a model sports group. Thanks Bob!”

Wendi Burleson, Director of Customer Service, Texas Tornado Hockey

“I am in the process of adapting/implementing the Weekly action report system in order to ensure that we meet our development goals over the next few months. I have added a few steps but I can see it evolving into our common language and I am seeing ways that I can monitor my own effectiveness, not just the teams. The timing for working with you was very fortuitous as I now feel that I finally have the management tool I need.”

Andrew Storey
Open Ocean Systems Inc., Saint John, NB, Canada

“Well done facilitating our Strategic Planning Sessions. BNI is a company in transition with a newly named president that had never been through a true strategic planning effort. You certainly had your work cut out.

You quickly realized that we have some roadblocks to overcome before our company grows much further. You helped us create an actionable road map for overcoming the roadblocks and then allowed us to dream a little bit about what our future may hold should they be overcome.

Throughout the process, two things stood out to me. First, you skillfully guided us into self-discovery which is far more effective than just telling us what we are doing wrong.
Second, you tailored your program to our needs. As a 55 person professional services firm, our needs are far different than that a 2,000 person software company. Your knowledge of our industry and willingness to apply it to our size company was truly beneficial.

I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future and would strongly recommend your services to my colleagues within the construction industry.”


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