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Top 10 Critical Business Challenges – Survey Results

By Bob Prosen    


Last week I asked more than 1,000 small business leaders across the country to evaluate the importance of Top 10 critical business challengesand over 26% of the people responded! Take a few minutes to find out what leaders identified as their top eight challenges. Do you agree with them?

So what do you think? Did they miss any?

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2 Responses to “Top 10 Critical Business Challenges – Survey Results”
  1. Bob,
    What did you miss: The elephant in the room – employee pay. “we want the best people (but pay least, whats “fair”, etc.) Companies are NOT setup to make employees money – J.O.B. = Just over broke – do a session on changing from employees to independant contractors now THAT is the future. The company is going to slam all the costs down employee’s throats anyway (insurance, fees, etc.) have no loyalty (one hickup in business and they slash the workforce) and pay won’t increase to cover rising costs…so why be an employee? The time has come when it costs about the same to work independantly and have the potential to make more money…remember that making money…’s why we put up with companies in the first place.
    Talk about the Elephant because mgmt only does this once a year or when hiring…

  2. Bud Carter says:

    Good morning Bob,

    Was enthused about sharing the results of your survey with my members, giving,of course, full credit… but your web site offers only video. Many Vistage Chairmen prepare meeting folders each month for their members – your surrvey, on your letterhead with modestly positioned contact information would be a win/win…

    Just a thought…

    Bud Carter

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