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Small Business Sales: Ever Wonder What Top Sales People Do Differently?

By Bob Prosen    


You’ve probably noticed that great salespeople sell differently. What you might not know is how they do it. So here are a few of their secrets.

Sell what the company has I’ve managed hundreds of salespeople in Fortune size companies and small business only to discover that the less successful ones complain about price and needing more products or services in order to make their numbers. Instead of focusing on the value of what they have to sell, they focus on discounts and getting “more” products in their bag. Successful salespeople always find ways to sell what they have.

Sell more than your product Talking about your product without understanding the customer’s problem is a big mistake. If you’re selling software, people don’t want to buy software. They want to improve the quality of their billing systems and stop customers from getting inaccurate invoices. You need to understand how customers use your products. Approximately 75% of customers buy to solve a problem. The rest buy to try something new. The ones with problems have a higher sense of urgency to buy. Uncovering these problems quickly is what the best salespeople do.

Sell to “all” your customers Getting great results requires you to understand that you’ve got many customers. And the one most often overlooked is the customer’s customer who can either be the end consumer or someone inside the business. For example, you may be selling equipment and technology to increase productivity. Your customer may have a boss who is risk averse and prefers using older technology. Instead of embracing the new technology, your customer’s boss is thinking, “This will require additional training and might introduce quality problems”. Your job is to help the customer sell his boss on the value and benefits of your solution.

Know how to help Top salespeople show up prepared. They know their prospect’s competitors and their strengths and weaknesses. They research their financial health and understand how well the industry and their prospect is performing. Why, because it allows them to focus on the best way to sell. If the entire industry is down and the prospect’s business is down, they focus on efficiencies and cost savings. If the industry is doing well and the company is not, there’s lots of potential to be a hero. Companies with a history of poor performance are more concerned about survival. They lack flexibility and are more risk averse. If your products and services deliver immediate bottom line results you can create customers for life.

Creative follow up Top performers have a great follow up process. After the sale, they look for ways to help customers without asking for anything. Sending articles that are important to your customer demonstrates you’ve listened to them and are interested in their success. Making introductions to people they want to meet is another creative way to follow up.

I hope you can use this information to help boost sales in your organization!

Please let me know what you think about this post along with additional ways to sell more.

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One Response to “Small Business Sales: Ever Wonder What Top Sales People Do Differently?”
  1. Terri says:

    I believe the creative follow-up makes a world of difference. It makes your customers feel special.

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