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MORE Testimonials for Bob Prosen!

“Wow! What a way to kick off our annual Management Summit Symposium. Our accounting clients raved about your passion, clarity and powerful content. Not sure how we will top this. Can you come back next year?”

Jeff Pawlow, CEO, The Growth Partnership

“President Bush appointed Rob Mossbacher, CEO, Mossbacher Energy to a Department of Energy position. Therefore, he can’t deliver our Kick-Off address. This is certainly short notice, but You were the first person I thought to call…your kick-off address last year was GREAT! You are just so good, I had to ask.”

Jack Freeh, Vice President, The Entrepreneurship Institute

“Your tailored presentation was one of the high points of our Executive Conference. The message was right on the money and resonated with our leadership team. The momentum and energy you created surpassed my expectations and will help us take the game to the next level”.

Kannan Ramasamy, President and CEO, Aegis Communications Group

“What a great topic and presentation. I could have listened for much longer and, based upon comments from our members, they could have too!”

Stacy W. Roth, CTP, President, Dallas Association for Financial Professionals

“Your keynote at Ecometry’s World Conference was powerful and captivating. The breakout session you led over lunch with our top clients on ways to rapidly increase performance and profits received raved reviews.”

Susan Magi, Marketing Director, Ecometry

“Thank you for speaking to our association and for customizing your presentation to the HR community. You were excellent and our members really enjoyed it. I know that I walked away with more than a couple helpful ways to consider how I “work” and how our organization “works”.”

Susan Frear, Director of Education, Human Resource Management Association

“Thank you for speaking to our group in Houston! I must say, you blew our doors off! The information you shared was direct, easy to understand, and really opened the eyes of our executives to the common sense ideas we should be implementing immediately. You are on the top of my list for business advice and for training! I look forward to your
seminar in June!”

Eric Donaldson, President, Texas Courier & Logistics Association

“Your presentation was fantastic. I’m constantly thinking of concepts you brought out in your outline.”

Kent Rothwell, President, Weaver Parts

“Bob, your presentation was extremely well received. I had many positive comments after the meeting. Our members appreciated the “practical” tips and steps that managers can take to immediately improve performance. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other SMEI chapters and invite you back to SMEI Dallas”.

Tanis Cornell, Program Chair and Board of Directors,
Sales & Marketing Executives International, Dallas

“Prosen received the highest marks possible for his presentation at our 2007 Annual Meeting, with delegates noting significant take-away value from his program. I also heard great comments about your book from someone who I respect. It’s next on my business reading list. Thanks again for doing a nice job and helping us deliver value to our delegates”.

Boyd Barnwell, President, FPDA

“Comment from one of our members says it all. “The best session I’ve attended with AIA. Clear, concise, relevant, results-oriented. Excellent speaker.” Bob has strong relationships with several AIA firm principals many of who spoke highly of his ability to work with senior management, bringing the right information at the right time to help them manage through difficult issues. Bob is the consummate professional that planners love. He meets deadlines, provides exactly what is requested and prepares well for his audience. I highly recommend Bob Prosen. He’ll not only provide solid, useable information, he’ll do it in an entertaining and understandable way”.

Gayle Pickering, Senior Director, Texas Society of Architects

“Business leaders in our Entrepreneurial Masters Program raved about your presentation. Extremely practical, immensely applicable and jam packed with real tools and tactics that can be put to use immediately to boost performance and profit. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Maria del Mar Velasco, Vice President, Learning, Entrepreneurs’ Organization

“I highly compliment you on the exceptional content and delivery of your presentation. I usually avoid such sessions. I’m glad I didn’t in your case. I was delighted with your presentation, and will definitely make that reaction known to our attorneys who sponsored the event.”


“Over the course of the last 33 years I must have heard well over 250 presenters on every imaginable subject and your presentation today was the best one I have heard. I lamented to some extent that you didn’t influence me early in my career because I really think it would have made a big difference in the quality of my management. So many presenters offer logical theory and good ideas but very none have ever left me with so much practical take home on such a broad subject as running your business better as you did today. Keep it simple and get to the core. You did that.”

Charles Wachs, Executive Vice President, E.H. Wachs Company

“Bob, your presentation was just what we needed to set the tone for our day. Thank you for the insightful, funny, and energetic message.”

Michael Mosley, Chief Operating Officer, Rasa Floors & Carpet Cleaning

“You were one of the most informative speakers that we have had and I would definitely invite you back. In addition, many of our members were very excited to receive the book as added take home value to the presentation.”

Neil Waterman, EO, Chair

“My mind is still reverberating from the vast amount of information that was consumed at your presentation. Thanks for you in taking the time to speak with us “little guy” CEOs. Yours has certainly been one of the most memorable topics I have encountered in quite some time. Your passion for helping us improve our bottom line is nothing short of astounding. What I like best is your attitude and charged enthusiasm that is so rare in the world of “know the numbers, live the numbers” professionals. You never lost an ounce of attention from any one in the room. Well done!”

Irwin Glenn, Founder & CEO, Learn To Earn, LLC

“Your presentation, and content, was one of the best I’ve ever been to.”

Steve Coffman, General Manager, Informatics

“Your presentation wowed everyone this morning! I’ve already heard from several of our guests that they are stepping up to implement elements of your discussion in their businesses. Thank you so much for your compelling presentation!”

Bruce Bradford , Manager, Dallas Region Private Bank , Frost National Bank

“You were the best Leadership Skill presenter this year.” In the two years I have been involved with the conference only one other presentation scored as high. Congratulations and thanks again for your time.”

Kevin L. Wallace, President, Wallace Design Group

“Your presentation at the University of North Texas Distinguish Lecture Series is still the top one for the year.”

Carolyn K. Knefely, President, Professional Leadership, inc., Executive Branding

“Thank you for your presentation in Monterrey, Mexico. Everyone found it very valuable and were left wanting more… A great sign!”

Jason Keiles, Head of International and Media Businesses, Vistage International, Inc.

“Your take-home value is unparalleled. I found myself implementing some of your wisdom day one. Thanks, Bob!”

Richard Sapio, President, Mutual Capital Alliance, Inc.

“I found your presentation to truly be one of the best we’ve had. Very high take away value. I hope we will have the opportunity to hear you again sometime.”

Mark A. Rubino, President, Industrial Noise Control, Inc.

“Your presentation was not only very informative, but very upbeat and lively. So many authors are not able to take the information from their book and make it into a good presentation. In fact most can’t speak well at all. You did it with style and humor, which is always good for a large group. I know I speak for everyone in the audience when I say that it was one of the best presentations we have had at our conferences.”

Larry Lambeth, President National Association of Professional Background Screeners

“Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and more importantly your passion for changing how people think and act within a company. I plan to utilize this information as yet another tool to sound the alarm and will remain relentless on improving my own self-actions and those within my influence.”

Claire Stout, Director, Georgia-Pacific Corporation

“Your presentation went extremely well. Both Mr. Pritzker and Mr. Tucker commented positively and were impressed with both the content and your presentation style. Your discussions on dealing with employee performance issues were highly relevant and gave everyone a lot to ponder. In short, most of us have or have had performance issues to address but typically wait too long due to both procrastination and/or a need to be overly fair. Your example was very helpful.”

Walt Humann, CEO. OsteoMed

“I’m a member of the EO Chicago Chapter and unfortunately missed your event. I heard you were great…my forum made your book a mandatory read. Hopefully I will get to meet you next time around.”

Bret Schultz, Food Evolution

“Your presentation was really well done! The program ran smoothly; you were clear, concise, and very well organized. I really like the way you set it up as a discussion guide giving us the highlights of your book and the major points. I was really impressed; it was one of my

Susan Bernardo, Manager, Pearson People Development

“Thank you for an outstanding seminar at the annual PSA Security Network conference. I have attended hundreds of business improvement sessions over the years and your “Kiss Theory Good Bye” program is without a doubt the best! Most importantly, our members were very pleased. We got a great ROI and look forward to having you back next year!”

Bill Bozeman CPP, CHS, President & CEO, PSA

“I am very keen to take your tools forward with Image Source as soon as possible and would like to know how I can engage with The Prosen Center in the process, rather than from the book alone.”

Duncan Grossart, Image Source, Chief Executive Officer

“Thank you for speaking to our association and for customizing your presentation to the HR community. You were excellent and our members really enjoyed it. I know that I walked away with more than a couple helpful ways to consider how I “work” and how our organization works.”

Susan Frear, Director of Education, Dallas Human Resource Management Association, Inc

“Thank you for sharing your time with our TEC group today. I was deeply affected by the practical impact of your presentation (no theory – I love it!). I can also share that my group as a whole was very favorably impressed, something not accomplished often.”

Kevin Traut, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Superior Press