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Leadership and Management Training Programs

By Bob Prosen    


Specifically designed for:

Small Business Owners and Senior Leaders who want to increase profit and accountability, make their job easier, consistently achieve their objectives, react less and have more time to plan.

Managers and Supervisors who want to achieve results more easily, align employees to work on the right objectives, and have far fewer personnel situations to manage. You’ll also learn how to be recognized as a top performer, both inside and outside the company, and become highly marketable because of your successful track record.

High-Potential Leaders ready to move up and who want “the playbook for running a successful company without the waste of costly mistakes and learning from “the school of hard knocks.”

Leaders Under Siege who must achieve operating and financial results immediately in order to put their company back on track.

Entrepreneurs of start-up and fast-growing companies who need a proven process to reduce risk and immediately increase profit and performance.

CUSTOMIZED leadership training PROGRAMS:

Customized workshops designed for your company’s specific requirements and delivered by The Prosen Center for Business Advancement® at your business site. Click here for details.


Customized Keynotes – Packed with practical advice you can use immediately. Click here for details.

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  1. Terri says:

    I concur…

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