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Jobs Now!!!

We Need Jobs “Right Now” – Not Speeches! 

America is headed in the wrong direction and we don’t have a lot of time to fix it. If we don’t turn this economy around, our children will pay the price for our incompetence and America’s economic might will continue to decline.

The private sector creates jobs -not Washington! All we need from Washington is reduced regulation, muscle to level the global playing field and less interference. Let us do the rest and the economy will recover. Just watch.

Political uncertainty constricts job growth and Washington is the culprit. The antidote for small business is increased profitability. Because when profits are certain and sustainable small business will hire. How do I know? Because I speak with over 10,000 small business leaders every month and that’s what they tell me. Profitability offsets risk!

Let’s stop Washington from spending any more of our hard earned money on ridiculous job programs that don’t work. I have a better idea, give small business proven tools and training that enable them to consistently grow and prosper. That will reduce uncertainty and reignite job growth.

Sound interesting? Wait until you see the video below. It’s a real jobs program that works.

If video runs slowly hit pause, let video load for a few seconds then hit play

If you like what you’ve seen, please contact me. I’m ready to help grow our economy and get America back on track.

Let’s work together to create jobs!

Bob Prosen
The Prosen Center
for Business Advancement
527 Not-For-Profit

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