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How To Get The Job You Want Within Two Months

By Bob Prosen    


Tired of spending countless hours looking for a job?

Or are you looking to switch careers but don’t know how to get started?

I designed the Career Accelerator Program to help you find the job you want as fast as possible.

With the Career Accelerator Program, you’ll gain access to videos I created that show you how to get the job you want or the job you really need.

The information is free so get started immediately!

Click to watch the video and see what the Career Accelerator Program can do for you.

Screenshot of the Career Accelerator Program


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6 Responses to “How To Get The Job You Want Within Two Months”
  1. Louis Sportelli says:

    As an employer, we are constantly looking for individuals who truly understand what they can bring as an employee to the company. Those who follow this methodical plan and take the systematic thorough approach outlined in the Career Accelerator Program will undoubtedly be not only prepared for their interview, but will be viewed as someone who is willing to do the necessary advance work to understand the company and its needs. There can be no better possibility of obtaining a job with a company that matches your talents with their culture than this approach. Louis Sportelli, D.C., President – NCMIC Group

  2. Chris Colasono says:

    In 37 years of hiring people in all capacities no one has ever incorporated what Bob has masterfully presented in this program. I have been recruited and those firms were successful but none of them offered even 50% of the tools Bob presented. I must also comment that I believe few will actually implement this to its fullest intent. As Bob says, this is hard work, but I firmly believe that unless you differentiate yourself, significantly differentiate yourself from everyone else there is no reason for someone to hire you. In fact they wont even notice you are there. This program will make you stand out and be noticed. Congratulations Bob and to everyone that makes the commitment to put into practice this program. I for one will be one of the few that will take this to heart and secure my dream job. Chris Colasono – CEO

  3. Lambert Mathieu says:

    I have just started into the program and it has already provided me with a wealth of valuable information. As a very experienced business person, the self-analysis at the beginning was very useful in forcing me to take stock of what are my strongest qualities and what would I like to do with my career. Then, some of the specific information sources Bob listed are proving most helpful in my scanning for the types of companies I want to lead. In one case (I won’t name the publication, I’ve paid $100 retail to get a print copy of something Bob showed me how to get for free! Look for many more posts from me—as I go through the full program—culminating with letting everyone know where my new job is! – Lambert, Business Leader

  4. Shawn Rucks says:

    Being an employer I’ve sat through hundreds of hours of interviews and sifted through thousands of resumes. More often than not, I’m usually left frustrated by people trumpeting their horns using the same old “relevant information” detailing “strengths” and “specifics” and illustrating “results”. Where is the substance? Who is this candidate really? Clearly, 99% do not know how to distinguish themselves from the rest. Finally, through the Career Accelerator Program, a different, exciting new approach is offered to help the smart candidates do just that!

    With the Career Accelerator Program the table is turned and I’ll know right away if this applicant is worth my time. It will be obvious that this candidate knows how to use the right resources to offer a serious look at their thinking, creativity and decision making processes. This in turn will make our job a lot easier in deciding on the right candidate.

    Indeed, this is the future of hiring and the methodology smart applicants will employ to land the best jobs. We look forward to hiring them!

    Shawn Rucks – CEO deverus

  5. Don Sepeta says:

    What I like about the Career Accelerator Program is the step by step preparation, like an athlete training for an event.

    Following those disciplined steps must give a candidate a leg up on others. I know as an employer I would be impressed and the expressed activities in the program would certainly want me to put that person on my team.

    Great job Bob!

    Don Sepeta, President and CEO, Armstrong Brothers Holding Co.

  6. Andy Jarc says:

    As a college student, The Career Accelerator Programs lends valuable information to a process that can be intimidating to most of my peers: the job search. With the help of the 12 step program and Bob’s valuable insight, I have a more concrete idea of what I want kind of work I want to do and the type of company I want to do it for.

    I would recommend this program to anyone that is or will be a new entrant into the job market. Bob’s 12 simple steps guides you through the whole process and will make you stand out to employers unlike any other strategy will. The secret is simple. Create value for the company and make it so they can’t afford not to bring you in.

    Even as a college student with very little real world experience, Bob and his program has showed me how to do this very thing. I am currently half way through the process and have all ready learned and retained more valuable information on finding a job than I have learned in my almost 4 years of college.

    Thanks Bob! I can’t wait to see where the next month takes me.

    Andrew Jarc
    The Ohio State University, 2013
    Max M. Fisher College of Business

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