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Great Content Keeps Members Coming Back

“My Next Meeting Must Have Great Content.” What Are My Choices?

  1. Bring back a previous speaker
  2. Call around for recommendations
  3. Ask members for suggestions
  4. Contact a speakers bureau
  5. Conduct an Internet search
  6. Not sure?

How about something new and different that’s guaranteed to get rave reviews!

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    Members are looking for ways to develop a competitive edge and succeed. As leaders, it’s imperative to provide programs that produce immediate results. Generic, motivational messages are out! Prospective and current members don’t have the time or resources to waste on events offering little, or no, immediate value. But if members walk away with practical ideas, tips and tools guaranteed to generate rapid success, your membership will grow.

    Organizations must be highly proactive if they expect to retain and grow members during these tough economic times. Can it be done? Absolutely! With well-defined leadership, targeted member benefits and focused content, your organization can help members weather these economic storms, and they will reciprocate with increased event attendance and dues.

    A key component of membership Hinges on the Quality of Education and Training provided to members. Plain and simple, members are drawn to opportunities benefiting themselves and their business. Therefore, the caliber of programming plays a critical role in your organization’s long-term viability.

    Training dollars are increasingly limited and available options are abundant. With multiple associations chasing a smaller number of membership dollars, smart leaders will hone in on the immediate needs and issues of their members and work tirelessly to provide solutions. Your education and training events must be unmatched and are the linchpin to becoming an indispensable investment.

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    Attracting New Members and Keeping The Ones You Have