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Exclusive Vistage Chair Resource

Hello Vistage Chairs!

As most of you know, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Vistage for many years. In addition to speaking to thousands of members I’ve trained and consulted with countless Vistage companies.

Now more than ever the ability to execute is the most important skill of today’s successful business leader. “The competition isn’t afraid of your ideas. Only your ability to execute those ideas.”

Companies want proven tools and tactics that enable them to execute their plans with certainty. No BS or experiments! Only results! And the result they want most- sustained profitability.

To help companies achieve this I’ve developed an entirely new program called the Small Business Accelerator. By the way, the federal government defines small business as companies with fewer than 500 employees. The exact sweet-spot for Vistage.

This program is perfect for Vistage chairs because it provides the tools and tactics Vistage members need to grow their business. If this sounds interesting and you’d like to learn more please let me know.

As with all of my programs the Small Business Accelerator is proven to work.

Thanks for taking time to view these two short videos of Vistage members talking about the Small Business Accelerator Program.

It’s been a big success and I’m confident it will provide you with some of the most effective content you’ve ever seen for growing your business. This is a six module program where I teach leaders all nine steps of the business execution framework.

  1. Setting the right objectives
  2. Most effective measurement process to ensure success
  3. How to analyze your customer base to win additional business
  4. Product & service analysis to boost profitability
  5. Identify target markets, competitors and ways to expand
  6. Barriers to growth and how to overcome them
  7. How to use marketing to win new business and get the ROI you require
  8. Proven methods to increase sales
  9. How to implement an accountability based culture and all of the tools taught throughout the program

It’s practical, proven and easy to implement! If you want greater success and higher profits this program is for you.

Let’s connect soon! bprosen at bobprosen dot com


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