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Small Business Customer Service: Are You Doing Enough?

By Bob Prosen   |  Comments 2

There’s no question, your customer service strategy had better be stellar for long-term success — especially if you are a small business.

You also want to differentiate your business from others that are doing the exact same thing you are.

In fact, if you want your business to shine when it comes to customer service improvement, then you’ll have to make some investments. But what and how much should you invest?

I’m about to tell you how to evaluate your company’s level of customer service, identify your shortcomings, implement best practices for customer service improvement and dramatically increase your company’s level of customer service. Read more

Social Media and Your Business — What’s All the Hoopla About Anyway?

By Bob Prosen   |  Comments 8

It wasn’t that long ago that I didn’t know a thing about social media or how it could help my business — or yours — and quite frankly didn’t even care.

Let’s face it, we’re all extremely busy and it’s practically impossible to make time to learn something new, especially when you’re not sure if it’s going to pay off in terms of real customers or not.

It’s sort of like buying the first model year of a car. Better off waiting until all the bugs are worked out, right?

But just because I didn’t understand the importance of all this new stuff didn’t stop my clients from asking me about it.

Some were extremely knowledgeable while others wondered what all of this social media stuff meant, if it was worth their time, or if it was just another fad.

Whether or not you feel your business “needs” any of this, one thing’s for sure: Almost everyone wants to know more about social media, the Internet and SEO – search engine optimization. Read more

Small Business Decision Making Questions on MSNBC

By Bob Prosen   |  Comments 1

*Video:small business decision making questions on msnbc

I teamed up with AOL’s Rod Kurtz to answer some very good small business decision making questions posed by small business owners about:

  • Key small business strategy and market intelligence,
  • Tips on hiring help for small business accounting, and
  • Whether getting a patent for your product idea is worth the expense and the wait.