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Top 10 Critical Business Challenges – Survey Results

By Bob Prosen   |  Comments 2

Last week I asked more than 1,000 small business leaders across the country to evaluate the importance of Top 10 critical business challengesand over 26% of the people responded! Take a few minutes to find out what leaders identified as their top eight challenges. Do you agree with them?

So what do you think? Did they miss any? Read more

The Customer Connection: Balancing Costs & Customer Quality

By Bob Prosen   |  Comments 1

Something’s got to give, right?  Running a small business during this economy is tough, so certainly customers understand you can’t be everything to all people.

I mean, shouldn’t everyone – including customers – expect a little give and take?

Well, yes and no.  While customers understand times are tough, they also recognize the added buying power now available to them.  This doesn’t mean loyalty will fly out the door in search of the lowest bidder, but it also means you can’t ignore the quality of your customer service.

During tough economic times, you can’t dismiss the value of having strong customer connections.

Maintaining quality customer experiences is crucial to the survival of your small business. And getting the right message across to your current and future customers will make or break you.

While it’s essential to aggressively manage costs during the recession, your business will be doomed the moment you… Read more

Customer Management Strategies for Small Business

By Bob Prosen   |  Comments 0

Effective customer management strategies hinge on — well — the customer! Not an earth shattering revelation, I know, but the struggle comes with striking a balance between finding customers and keeping them.

To continually increase your company’s performance and profit, small business owners must be able to manage, engage and retain customers. And while most understand this in theory, too often it’s missed in practice.

I mean, let’s be frank. Talk without action leaves you short every time.  So how is your business handling this balancing act?

Are your customer management strategies building relationships that help increase the bottom line? Or are you plagued by poor customer management that’s left you dealing with both immediate and long-term negative effects?

First, let’s take a look at the ramifications of failing to effectively manage customers.  Then, we can shift to the “How To’s” behind getting it right!

As you click to read more, you’ll find practical customer management tips to help your small business reach its goals. Striking the right balance between customer acquisition and retention can be tricky, but you can get there.

Read more

Small Business Customer Service: Are You Doing Enough?

By Bob Prosen   |  Comments 2

There’s no question, your customer service strategy had better be stellar for long-term success — especially if you are a small business.

You also want to differentiate your business from others that are doing the exact same thing you are.

In fact, if you want your business to shine when it comes to customer service improvement, then you’ll have to make some investments. But what and how much should you invest?

I’m about to tell you how to evaluate your company’s level of customer service, identify your shortcomings, implement best practices for customer service improvement and dramatically increase your company’s level of customer service. Read more

Improving Customer Satisfaction and Profit At The Same Time — Possible?

By Bob Prosen   |  Comments 1

It’s one thing to outspend your competition when it comes to improving customer satisfaction.

It’s quite another to do this while maintaining your bottom line, and in fact enhancing it.

With all the investments made in Operational Excellence and quality processes over the years, you would think small business would have this well in hand.

Yet when small business leaders are asked about improving customer satisfaction and how many of them have defined processes in place to reduce inefficiencies and rework, very few do.

I believe the reason for this is that leaders don’t know which tools to use or how to use them to get results without getting bogged down in the process.

My philosophy is to keep things simple! Read more