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My latest TV interviews:

Fox Business – Best on Business

By Bob Prosen   |   June 23, 2010


*Video:bob on fox business – best on business

This is a great comparison of business and sports – keeping your team and all your players on the field and working rather than sidelining them and rewarding them for not playing just makes sense!

Fox News First – San Antonio

By Bob Prosen   |   June 23, 2010


*Video:bob on fox news first – san antonio

Here I discuss the importance of people to your small business as I emphasize in my book Kiss Theory Good Bye.

Change Management Training with Kiss Theory Good Bye

By Bob Prosen   |   June 20, 2010


*Video:bob on fox business news

My Kiss Theory Good Bye book is always a favorite interview. Here I get to talk about:

  • Change management training and other small business skills provide practical, effective management results
  • How layoffs make everything worse for a company, not better
  • The importance of your people; take care of your employees!

Customer Service Strategy for Small Business

By Bob Prosen   |   June 20, 2010


*Video:bob on msnbc – how to succeed in small business

Here’s some basic customer service strategy for your small business success:

  • Customer trust is vital. If you need to raise prices, don’t fool your customers about it. Be up-front and honest.
  • If you always offer a quality product or service with benefits, your customers will pay your prices.
  • Under Promise and Over Deliver!
  • Market Intelligence: Don’t forget to keep an eye on your competition, what they are doing and what they are charging.

KUSI – Good Morning San Diego

By Bob Prosen   |   June 20, 2010


*Video:bob on kusi – good morning san diego

Here I talk about the hidden opportunities for small businesses during the recession and how to capitalize on them.