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My latest TV interviews:

Career Accelerator Program On Fox Business

By Bob Prosen   |   November 13, 2012


*Video:watch bob on the fox business channel as he talks about ways to find a job and stand out from the crowd using tips from the career accelerator program

With so many people applying for jobs online, you need a way to differentiate yourself.

You have to be more than just another resume in a stack of resumes.

But it’s difficult to find a way to stand out from the rest.

In this Fox Business segment, I talk about how The Career Accelerator Program can show you how to differentiate yourself from the crowd and get the job you want.

What You Can Do To Get The Job You Want

Here are some tips outlined in the FOX segment to help you get the job you want.

Stop Looking  Online

The more you look online, the more you’re competing with everyone else.

Instead, identify your skills and tun those skills into problem solving solutions for employers.

Therefore, you can specifically go after certain jobs with certain skills and not compete with the masses.

Today, if you don’t differentiate, all you are is a resume in a stack of resumes that is most likely being screened by an automated process.

And you may never even get to the hiring manager.

Do I Need A Lot Of Experience?

The Career Accelerator Program lays out a proven process and step-by-step instructions when applying for a job.

We let you in on how hiring managers think so you can tailor your approach. It’s like having the answers to a test.

This program helps you get a job regardless of the economy.

Don’t Apply To Too Many Places

Before applying for any position do some research to determine a company’s problems and how you can help solve them.

Then, only apply for jobs with companies who have those particular sets of problems and challenges that you can solve.

Narrow you search.

This is not a game of numbers where you send your resume out to everyone.

Focus on the hiring managers that really need your help.

Then, build a custom marketing campaign that helps them solve their problems.

The key is to do this without even asking for the job.

How Many Jobs Should You Apply To?

You should apply to about a dozen jobs.

Make sure they are well targeted because you have to keep the campaigns going.

This is a far different approach to just sending out dozens of cover letters or resumes.

The Career Accelerator Program shows you how to set up a 12 step marketing plan.

These steps allow you to stay in contact with the hiring manager over a period of time in order to develop a

Hands on a computer keyboardrelationship that culminates in you being ask to come in for an interview.

The whole process takes time and effort.

That is why it is recommended that you apply for about a dozen jobs so you can keep the campaigns going.

Don’t Send Your Resume. Seriously.

Most resumes look like everyone else’s.

It’s a static two dimensional document.

Instead, send something called a “One Sheet”.

A One Sheet is a dynamic representation of what you bring to the table.

It outlines the problems the employer faces and how you’ve solved them in the past.

It also includes measurable results, references and testimonials from past employers as well as relevant career history and contact information.

Include graphics and print it out on nice, glossy paper.

By creating a dynamic and engaging document, it will stand out in a stack of resumes.

Bottom Line

Nowadays its important to rise above the competition and show how you are different.

With unemployment rates high and so many people applying to every position, differentiating yourself has never been more important.

The Career Accelerator Program will help you stand out and get the job you want.


image of keyboard

Top 10 Critical Business Challenges – Survey Results

By Bob Prosen   |   November 25, 2011


Last week I asked more than 1,000 small business leaders across the country to evaluate the importance of Top 10 critical business challengesand over 26% of the people responded! Take a few minutes to find out what leaders identified as their top eight challenges. Do you agree with them?

So what do you think? Did they miss any?

Small Business Decision Making Questions on MSNBC

By Bob Prosen   |   July 20, 2010


*Video:small business decision making questions on msnbc

I teamed up with AOL’s Rod Kurtz to answer some very good small business decision making questions posed by small business owners about:

  • Key small business strategy and market intelligence,
  • Tips on hiring help for small business accounting, and
  • Whether getting a patent for your product idea is worth the expense and the wait.

Effective Business Leadership is Vital to the Economy

By Bob Prosen   |   June 26, 2010


*Video:bob on fox news – bottom line

Effective business leadership is vital to economic recovery. My key points for recovery include excellent customer service and stable employment.

  • If you plan ahead you don’t have to lay off your employees
  • Keeping people employed allows them to spend money
  • Consumer spending keeps the economy alive and stable

Talent Management and Business Negotiations

By Bob Prosen   |   June 23, 2010


*Video:bob on msnbc – your business answers

In this edition of Your Business Answers I get to discuss some compelling topics including:

  • Deciding whether to take on a new client from an unfamiliar industry
  • Young employees offer fantastic benefits if you are willing to work with their needs and expectations
  • How to command higher profits on domestic goods